Happy Campers Treatment for Portable (Potty) & Cassette Toilets

RV & Marine: For conventional “vented” RV & Marie (boat) tanks follow directions on container.

Portable Potty & Cassette Toilets: See below.

Introduction: Eliminate odor in a small 2-5 gallon potty toilet can be more challenging that a large 40 gallon RV/Marine tank. Why? Confined space, no tank vent, no bathroom vent, little water. Overcoming the lack of water and oxygen is a big challenge. Happy Campers is unique in that it naturally eliminates odors at the source, no air freshener, fragrance, perfume, scent, aroma or chemicals.

Potty/Cassette Instructions: Use optional “Potty Shaker” or full scoop with lots of water. If odor persists use more water.

NEW! Extremely “Dry Camper” Method (mostly dry, little water) Happy Campers Shake & Flush Dispenser.

Happy Campers will kill (eliminate) human/animal waste & urine odor immediately on contact, however it must directly contact waste (it’s not air freshener).

Potty ShakerNew Potty Shaker: Simple solution, lightly sprinkle (shake) Happy Campers over damp or wet waste, then flush as usual. Easy, Tinkle-Sprinkle-Flush. Great for “dry” camping, requires less water. As shown in the picture, you can make your own potty shaker with a salt, pepper, or spice container. Put 8 to 10 1/8 inch holes in the lid for best results.

1. Prep potty, start with enough water to cover waste in bottom tank
2. After “nature calls” sprinkle (shake) Happy Campers over waste in potty bowel
3. Adjust dosage as needed. Increase if odor or hot weather
4. Flush as usual. If odor persists, increase pumps (water)

Strong & Wet Method (strong dosage + increased water)

Potty & Cassette systems are “non vented”, air tight. A stronger dosage (more Happy Campers) is required to overcome shortage of oxygen. In other words, increase the amount of water & product.

1. Thoroughly dissolve/mix 2 full scoops Happy Campers into approximately one gallon of water.
2. Pour mixture into waste (bottom) tank
3. Adjust dosage as needed. Increase if odor or hot weather
4. Flush as usual. If odor persists, increase pumps (water)
5. When practical, more water is better

This is a strong mixture that will eliminate 99% odor even in this oxygen starved environment. Our tests have shown most Cassette/Potty problems are solved by simply using more water. use plenty of pumps (water) while flushing.

Random Notes & Troubleshooting: If experiencing some residual unpleasant odor, it is usually temporary due to the “non-vented” system. Using more water helps. Start with the above recommended dosage, adjust up or down as needed. If extremely hot weather, slightly increase Happy Campers dosage. Users report toilets work better while traveling, waste water sloshing around as you travel. Happy Campers works at the odor source, it is not an air freshener. More water = less odor.

Results: As challenging as these systems are, Darrel Berkelew of Springfield, Oregon spent over a year experimenting and testing different sizes and types. His suggestions are in our opinion are as good as it’s going to get.